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Choir of the Year 2016

posted 30 Apr 2016, 07:44 by Jackie Spencer
We had an amazing afternoon at the Anvil, Basingstoke in the regional round of Choir of the Year. The choir performed superbly as can be seen from the wonderful judges' comments. We also had a fun warm-up session & workshop with all the other choirs, led by Greg Beardsell. A great experience! The judges said:
Hooray! Great to see so many boys singing! You deliver a clear, honest tone with great diction. Good try at dynamic variations, sound overall is good, intonation was, in the main, fine. Love the entrance of your 'smaller' soloists and the Edelweiss lead was lovely. (Well done Oliver!) Well done for making use of the stage - a lovely feel to your performance. I love the concept of this choir - few would be brave enough to bridge such a wide age-range but Jackie has proved it can be done and done well. Bravo!